Core of our activity is the consultancy of planners, building owners, architects, engineering firms, general contractors as well as the executing trades, such as glazing contractors, window manufacturers, and curtain wall manufacturers.


  • Expert’s opinions and assessments at national and international level - Link for expert activity
  • Consulting around the application fields of glass during design and verification of glass façades (e.g. assessment of the glass applications/façade design), advice on installation concepts and placement of qualified subcontractors or material suppliers
  • Support of preparing specifications for glazing jobs
  • Pre-dimensioning of the glass thickness, structural analysis for glass, analysis of the thermal glass breakage risk and thermal stress analyses, calculation of the necessary technical values in cooperation with manufacturers of the window, facade or glass industry
  • Consulting on the topic of structural sealants and bonded connections
  • Optimization of glass and bonding applications with regard to structural design, manufacturing process and economic aspects
  • Cooperation with external bodies, e.g. testing institutes and building authorities, support in obtaining relevant approvals
  • Pendulum impact simulation or impact analysis
  • Support during the acceptance procedure for the glazing jobs
  • Set-up and implementation of in-house trainings "All about the building material glass and its application"